What You Want To Know All About Healthy Diet For Healthy Living

Most of you would have been advised or have long believed that people can transform their health with the foods they eat. https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/pain-relief/stop-snoring-complete-guide/ Yes, it is true, only if you know what to eat and how much and how often to eat.

For those with a wide array of health conditions, it is important to examine your own diets and living lifestyles. Managing one without the other is as good as coming back to square one. For some of you out there, adopting a healthy diet full of produce, whole grains and lean protein can improve symptoms through weight loss. For other people with certain diseases, choosing foods with unique, wellness-promoting qualities can provide a major boost to their health. Indeed, the choice is YOURS!

In the quest to actively prevent cancer, it is important to note seriously that the foods you eat can bring big health benefits. Unlimited studies have been carried out on the effects of different diets or individual foods on the many types of cancer that strike. Many healthy foods have excellent antioxidant powers which scientist have over the years discovered.

Many would be wondering what are actually good antioxidants and where are the natural sources of these for you to lay your hands on. Your body sometimes creates its own free radicals in order to destroy viruses or bacteria and to balance out these unruly molecules, your body will also create antioxidants, which have the sole purpose of neutralizing free radicals. It is to be noted that your body is only designed to create a certain amount of antioxidants on its own however, and as we are faced with an ever-growing number of environmental toxins, your body is less capable of fighting off the unwanted harmful invaders.

Antioxidants are only one piece of the healthy eating puzzle. Some of those foods that are low in antioxidants may have other positive benefits, such as fiber, minerals, and other nutrients that are important. Basically, in essence, antioxidants helps prevent heart diseases and cancer, reduce blood pressure and slow the effects of aging. These naturally occurring compounds protect the body from harmful, excess free radicals, neutralizing them up before they can cause damage. And the best way to lay an antioxidant-rich foundation that is inhospitable to toxins and free radicals is through a combination of whole foods.


Tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, watercress are amongst other greens rich in antioxidants,


Beans, particularly the kidney-shaped red bean has tremendous of such power with the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC, is a test tube analysis that measures the total antioxidant power of foods),


Acai berries, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, dried plum (prune), cranberry, crowberry and black chokeberry are examples of great antioxidant fruits,

Citrus Fruits

Orange, grapefruit, dark grapes (including raisins, purple grape juice and red wine), kiwi, pomegranate, papaya to name a few most prominent ones,


Pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts were the winners in the nut category,


Ground cloves, cinnamon, onions, garlics, ginger and oregano were the top few antioxidant-rich spices,


These contain a wide variety of flavonoids and other plant phenolics (such as ellagic, ferulic and caffeic acids) that act as powerful antioxidants.


Tea has long been a drink of the past and will still be for the future for its antioxidant power.